Our Commitment to Pupils and Parents

明星学校向每一位选择将孩子送进明星学校的家长或护理员做出卓越承诺. We pledge:

High expectations

We have the highest of expectations of our students. 云顶娱乐网址期望所有的学生每天按时上学,准备好学习和成就.

Our schools provide safe, focused and happy environments for learning. Outstanding behaviour improves students’ capacity to learn. We enforce our behaviour policy robustly and consistently across the school. Our student code of conduct sets out the high standards of behaviour that we expect. We are positive when our students behave well, but have clear consequences for misbehaviour and a zero tolerance of bullying, abusive or discriminatory language and violence. All adults in our schools model the positive behaviour we expect of our students. Equally, we expect our parents to reinforce these behaviours at home.

We work hard to create a culture of high aspirations throughout the school. We set ambitious targets for every student. 云顶娱乐网址的目标是每个学生在学习的每个阶段都至少要比国家期望的高一个年级. Staff, 学生和家长参与了设定目标的整个过程,一旦达成一致,他们将承担责任.

A high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum

Star’s curriculum is broad and balanced, with an emphasis on academic success. 云顶娱乐网址的学校优先学习识字、数学、语言、人文和科学. Our curriculum is both coherent and cumulative, with an emphasis on the critical importance of knowledge acquisition. 云顶娱乐网址要求学生广泛阅读各种高质量和越来越具有挑战性的文学和技术材料,涵盖所有学科.

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate well-rounded, intelligent and socially-aware students, but it is also tailored to deliver excellent academic results. Regardless of background or prior ability, we aim to secure the best outcomes for all of our students, 确保云顶娱乐网址的课程为未来每个阶段的学习打下坚实的基础.


Our approach to teaching is traditional – good teachers, with sound subject knowledge, leading the classroom and delivering a focussed curriculum. All lessons are intricately planned and take into account models for best practice. 云顶娱乐网址的教学人员开发创新和高度成功的方法,以保持学生的兴趣. This enables us to push the boundaries of the possible to achieve the improbable.

We have the highest expectations of every child. 明星学校的每一个孩子的学习进度都被密切监控,以确保他们总是达到他们和云顶娱乐网址的高期望. After each assessment, 云顶娱乐网址为每个学生设定了目标,并计划了适当的干预措施和个性化的“追赶”活动. 目标会根据学生的成绩定期检查和修改.

云顶娱乐网址每年五次向家长寄送成绩单,以确保家长了解孩子的学习进展,并在出现任何问题时及时得到通知. 云顶娱乐网址会遇到一些家长,他们的孩子在每次拿到成绩单后都面临着无法发挥潜能的风险. Students are celebrated and rewarded for their successes but, just as importantly, 如果有问题,云顶娱乐网址会立即采取个性化的措施进行干预.


云顶娱乐网址相信最有效的学习与最具启发性的教学相辅相成, which is why our teachers are some of the best in the business. 他们积极性很高,并受益于广泛的培训和持续的专业发展. This support means they deliver the very best outcomes for students, helping them to realise their potential.


云顶娱乐网址的R-18领导框架旨在灌输绩效领导的三个相互依赖的明星领导美德, 道德领导和公民领导——共同确保云顶娱乐网址的学生不仅“尽自己最大的努力”,而且“做正确的事情”,并在社会中发挥充分的作用.

The Framework sets our focus for leadership development, laying out the key competencies required to develop as well-rounded, ethical and accomplished leaders of tomorrow.

By developing an aptitude for Performance Leadership, 云顶娱乐网址为学生提供各项技能,让他们在与表现有关的环境中发挥潜能. Programmes in sports, creative arts and entrepreneurship offer powerful opportunities to build resilience, cultivate ingenuity and develop leadership potential. Our careers and universities offer focuses on the skills, 主要雇主和知名大学所要求的经验和资格. Through this rounded Performance Leadership programme, students learn that success is largely contingent on effort, diligence, perseverance, a strong work ethic, mental toughness, self-discipline and an enduring ability to maintain a positive attitude.

An effective leader does not, however, 只依赖结果,通过强调道德领导的重要性,云顶娱乐网址的云顶娱乐网址为重视正直的品质, justice, equity, caring, respect and cooperation; all of which are needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical conduct. 云顶娱乐网址的“道德及价值观计划”为学生提供学习机会,让他们在现实生活中面对道德困境和挑战,并参与辩论和公开演讲,以培养对他人的尊重, ethical reflection and a critical consciousness.

云顶娱乐网址对公民领导力的关注发展了对环境责任和可持续性的承诺,并强调公民的重要性, charity and social action. Students experience the merits of community volunteering from a young age. 云顶娱乐网址以项目为基础的公民课程教授年轻人关键的终身领导技能,如协作, resourcefulness and accountability. 学生承担越来越负责任的领导角色,最终在公民领导项目中,他们确定了一个社区关注的问题, and then plan, execute and evaluate a project to address it. “Giving something back” is fundamental to our philosophy and all of our students, from the youngest to the oldest, 也喜欢策划创新的方式来为英国及其他地区的慈善机构筹集资金. Together, 这些公民和慈善活动的机会寻求培养一种不断增长的代理意识,并将云顶娱乐网址的学生建设性地连接到他们的社区.

云顶娱乐网址的领导力系列讲座汇集了来自商界的高度成功的领导者, politics and the public sector who embody performance, moral and civic leadership. 中学学生聆听100多名本地学生的成功故事,受益匪浅, regional and national leaders, 小学生有机会接触多达50位有影响力的主题演讲者. These aspirational role models offer real-world advice about setting, achieving and surpassing personal goals, nurturing ambition and self-motivation in all our students.

Through participation in our unique leadership programmes, students work towards securing the core Star leadership virtues. R-18框架认可学生的成就和领导能力, knowledge and attributes sought by top universities and employers, feeding directly into our vision of nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

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